Clay Animation Links!

(Claymation means animation with clay or plastecine)

Animation-Getting Started: Information, Tools and Turorials

Alberta Foundation for the Arts -Youth Information

Ani-Mato from Jan-Eric Nyström, Helsinki, Finland from Marc Spress

Animation from Encarta

Animtation (Random Motion) by Ruth Hayes. Information about zoetropes,

Animation by Tom Franks at by Mike Caputo

Animation Tools from

Animation Tutorial by Anna McMillan at Webmonkey

Animation World Magazine: Student Corner

At Last, Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained! by Tom Brierton -learn how to create your own cartoons like Frelix the Cat

Canadian Film Centre

Canadian Society of Cinematographers -seller of animation supplies

Clay Animation: by

Clay Animation Made Easy: from Tonya Witherspoon, College of Education, Wichita State University

Clay Animation Storyboard from (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Clay Animation Project Planner from (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Clay Animation Tutorials and Tips from

Computer Drawing and Animation from the Franklin Science Institute

Digital Video in Education from the United Kingdom

Digital Video Tutorials from the Ulead Learning Center

Director in the Classroom, The

Flipsticks: How to Make Your Own Cartoons by the Exploratorium -dedicated to the film maker in us all!

Frame Thief -is the premier solution for stop motion animators on the Macintosh platform.

Free Images and Lessons -great educational resources from

Get Animated Simple Animations with GIF Construction Set

Getting Started with Claymation by Adam Nimeh at

GIF Construction Set from Alchemy Mindworks

History of Clay Animation from ABC News

How Are Hollywood Films Made? from the Annenberg Foundation

How to Create a Claymation by Micah Newman

How to Make a Clay Cartoon Man by Micah Newman

Janice Blencowe and Gisele Winger's Clay Animation Tutorial

Making Clay Animation -great educational resources from

QuickDraw Animation Society in Calgary, Alberta

Robert Rodriguez's Ten Minute Film School

Stop-Motion Animation from the Museum of Unnatural Mystery in Pennsylvania, USA

Storyboard Artist Software

Storyboard Quick Software

Observation: One of the Animators Most Impotant Skills by the Animation Foundation

Origins of American Animation from the U.S. Library of Congress

Sculpey Clay: Order it in Canada at Toad Hall Toys

Stop Motion Pro -Stop Motion Pro is computer software designed for stop motion animation - traditional cel, claymation, cutout or experimental techniques.

Teaching with Digital Cameras -great educational resources from

Thaumatrope -a simple animation with 2 images being rotated quickly. Some examples can be found in this Dutch Web site.

Thaumatrope -by Ruth Hayes, explains their history and how to make them.

Thaumatrope -Learn how to make your own version of this optical toy, from Old Surbridge Village

The Animation Process: How Pizar Does It

Zoetropes -by Ruth Hayes. Some good information about this animation toy.


Professional Animators, Illustrators and Animation Studios:

Aardman Studios (They're the folks who make Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run)

Amy E. Walter:

Barbara Reid by Robert Terrell

Cycho -a gallery from Australia

Funhouse Films by Tom Sephton

Loose Moose Animation -in the United Kingdom ( They make those fun Brisk Ice Tea Commercials )

Newman Claymation Productions

Nick Park -director, creator at Aardman Studios -free trial software

Vince Backeberg

Will Vinton Studios (They have made the California Raisin commercials among many other great claymations)

Wreckless Abandon Animation Studios


Students' Work:

Adam Boggs and Chris Hixon

Clay Animation Station: A Thinkquest Entry by students in Franklin County, Virginia, USa

Claymations created by Art Students in Mrs. Cooper's Sculpture Classes in Illinois, USA

Claymation 2000 -by a grade 5 enrichment class in Maui, Hawaii, USA

Googlyeyed -Stop Motion Claymations, shorts, gifs, animations and cartoon caricatures

Martin Linneke

Robotic Claymation from some very talented students at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

STLP Summer Camp 2001 Student Clay Animation Projects in Kentucky


Animation Showcases and Festivals:

Atom Films: Stop Motion

Calgary Society for Independent Filmmakers Animtation Gallery

iMovie Gallery from Apple


Animation Books and Further Reading:

Elements of Style for Screenwriters The Essential Manual for Writers of Screenplays by Paul Argentini

Frierson, Michael. Twayne's Filmmaker's Series. The History of Clay Animation: 1908 to the Present. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1994.

Further reading: from the Animation Journal

Ladislas Starevich -who invented the 3-d stop motion animated film (puppet film)

Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed ( An E-Book by Marc Spress)

The Stop-Motion Filmography: A Critical Guide to 297 Features Using Puppet Animation
by Neil Pettigrew Foreword by Ray Harryhausen

Willis H. O'Brien -special effects pioneer
King Kong could not have been possible if not for the contribution of this special effects genius.
He who turned an eighteen inch high model into the eighth wonder of the world.


Just for Fun: -clay charms / figures

Gumby -someone at Geocities has noted past shows from the original Gumby and Pokey TV program

Rumble in the Claymation Jungle: Winter Warlock vs. the Abominable Snowman

Wallace and Gromit Appreciation Page