On our learning journeys this year, and throughout our lives, the greatest thing we can "pack' is our ability to ask important questions. Our questions will become our "map" or "compass" that will help guide us in our learning together.

This year, we are going to learn how to ask important questions together. The ability to ask important questions will help us become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Our journeys will also involve learning how to work with others to not only find helpful information, but work with information to create knowledge. We will then share our knowledge so that it can benefit others, thus becoming wisdom.

Wisdom from grade 5 students you wonder??? Just watch us!!!

Some of the topics we explore on our learning journeys in grade five will include:

In Social Studies:

  • Early Canada
  • Canada, our land and our people
  • Mapping

In Science:

  • Wetlands Ecosystems: Waht is a Wetland?, Classification and Identification of Organisms, Adaptive Characterisitics, Pond Study, Food Chain, Impact of Humans on Wetlands, Threats to Our Wetlands, Appreciation for Wtelands.
  • Electrcity and Magnetism -Mechanisms Using Electricity: Saftey, Electricity and Magnetism are Related Forms of Energy, Magnetic Fields, Electric Circuits, Electric Conductors, Kilowatt Hours, and Constructing Switches.
  • Classroom Chemistry: Solids, Liquids and Gases, Making Crystals, Qualities, of Water, Produce CO2, Chemical Reactions, Acid and Basic Indicators.
  • Weather Watch: Patterns of Air Movement, Methods for Mearsuing Wind Speed and Direction, Measuring Different Forms of Precipitation, Record Waether Over a Period of Time, Clouds, Causes of Weather Systems, How Humans Can Effect Climate, (Greenhouse Effect) and The Importance of Forecasting Weather.

You can find helpful information sources in the "Learning Links" section of www.coolclass.ca.

We will share what we are learning in the "Sharing Knowledge" section of www.coolclass.ca.