The Weird Ravens

By: Mikaila and Alison

Once upon a time were two weird ravens. Their names were Kailataila and Liania. They both liked to sing in the shower. Then one day, they saw a hide out in the mountains. So they went in it. It ended up to be a portal to the past. They thought they were on the other side, but they figured out they weren’t. So they asked a bear. “How do we get back to our wonderful forest?”  The bear replied with an answer of: “if I tell you, you can never ask another question in your life or else you will disappear.” “Yeah right” said Liania. “You will believe me you do disappear” said the bear quietly. “Okay just cut to the chase” said Liania “Yeah how do we get home finally?” said Kailataila a little bit angry. The bear finally answered “first you shall figure out how to survive in the past. While you are surviving you will find a true friend. The true friend will tell you how to get back.” “Thanks. That doesn’t sound too hard” said Liania. One week later they figured out how to make a fire and a tipi. One month they had figured out how to make a sod house. Then one day they met a bear. They made really good friends. Soon the two ravens figured out that he might be the true friend. Then the bear had figured that they weren’t supposed to be in the past so he showed them how to get back to their wonderful forest when they got back they both asked at the same time “do you want to go back some day?” And they both disappeared!

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