How the Raven Got It’s Intelligence

By: Jessie and Annie

Once, a long, long, time ago, there were millions of ravens, but everyone knows how stupid ravens were, and this is the story about how the ravens got their intelligence.

One day two ravens one as dark as the night sky and the other as bright as the sunny sky.

Once three stupid ravens came home from finding food for the flock and the whole stupid flock followed the three stupid ravens, and led the stupid flock to a sleeping pack of wolves. The whole flock went up to the pack of wolves and the wolves jumped up and ate all the ravens except the two smart ravens.

Three years later two other ravens came from a difference country and nested together. A few months later in they laid eggs. Two months later, the eggs hatched, and new ravens were born. When the baby ravens were old enough to understand their parents their parents taught them how to fly and be clever. From then on, all ravens were very intelligent.

The End

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