How the Raven Put the Sun Into the Sky

By Brandon CC


Brandon -a raven and the main character

Zing-how -The chief of the village

Kan-Kang -The evil shaman that took away the light

See-Slab -Helps Brandon in this story

I. Prologue

Long, long time ago when the world was black all of the animal and humans lived in darkens. But one bird was getting tired of not seeing where the fish was and the food. His name is Brandon the Raven. All of the light has held by a greedy shaman called Kan-Kang. ‘We beg your help!’ said the chief of the village called Zing-how. ‘Why should I, don’t you like darkness?’ said Brandon. ‘We will build buildings and totem polls as tall as you can think, only if you take the sun back from the evil shaman Kan-Kang’ said Zing-how in a desperate voice. ‘Fine if your begging me to deaf sure’ said Brandon. “Hip Hip Hurrah’ said the village! ‘What about me!’ said a voice, the village gasped!

II. The Eagle of The Gods

‘It is me the great, the only, Eagle of the gods’ said the eagle. “Oh mighty god, you have come to us!’ said the village all at once. Then they started bowing, all except Brandon. ‘Why should we bow?’ asked Brandon. ‘Because I saved this town tons of time, when a giant thunder storm I blocked the bolts and and when Packs of wolfs tried to kill you I saved you!’ said the Eagle in a raging voice. ’You did’ sighed the village. ‘But what has a Raven done for you?’ yelled the eagle ‘well he does get rid of all of the bugs in the crop’ said a villager. ‘Why isn’t it one eye, it’s been ages since I saved you from a mean, angry mama bear I thinks she is starting to miss you!’ said the eagle in a fancy voice. ‘Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh, RAVENS ARE SO PESKY! They eat are corn, eat are fish and berries when were getting more.’ Said one eye. Than more villagers stared making fun of ravens but Zing-how didn’t ‘why should we listen to you?’ said Zing-how in a questioning voice. ‘ Well I just destroy your village ahh!’ said the eagle as he was charging and going to attack the town. ‘Zinzo se siii!!!!!!’ Yelled Zing-how a purple barrier went all around the town, the eagle is trying to break through but it won’t work ‘well meet again! Some time’ demanded the Eagle! ‘There he’s gone, gut where is Brandon? Said Zing-how

III. Time to rest

Here was Brandon sulking and felling upset because of the mean sayings ‘Oh yeah just wait till I get back soon one eye will be no eyes!’ Thought Brandon in his mind. Though he was flying over a mountain well it didn’t have a name so he landed on it and was tired after flying for a while and it started to rain so he fell asleep. The next day it was 9:45 in the morning, than he was really hyper and ready to fly! So he went to say good-bye to this mountain ‘good-bye mountain, ohh wait I have to name it how about…. Yamnuska! That’s it’ said Brandon!

IV. At Kang-Kang’s Castle

Well after he left he went flying super fast and there it was the shaman’s house or Kan-Kang’s…Castle! He was so surprised! Early Zing-how said he had a house but I think he meant a big, big house though I have never seen a castle before but have heard of it many times. Though he never thought that the castle was so big! Well anyways Brandon just wobbled to the front entrance feeling tired for flying for about 20 min. with out stopping. Than he read a sign it said ‘Every animal is allowed’ ‘YESS’ said Brandon. But it actually said ‘Every animal except the Raven is allowed’ ‘MAN!’ yelled Brandon in an angrily voice. ‘Maybe I could go and ask see-slab the god of morphing into a human! Yes!’ said Brandon in a voice of happiness

V. Need to find See-Slab the god of morphing

So he went like a bullet! It took about 7 minutes to get there; he knew where to go because his cousin, Kelly told him about See-Slab the god of morphing. See-Slab lives in a cave down to the south take a left than keep on going north 98 inches than say hello can I come in than your there! Brandon remembers when Kelly told him. So he did exactly what Kelly told him to do, and in 15 min he was there! ’96, 97, 98 yes I’m hear!’ said Brandon in his head. So he stared to ask ‘Hello, may I come in?’ asked Brandon ‘Sure’ said a voice coming from the rock wall in front of him ding there was a hole in the ground where Brandon was standing ‘uh-oh…AHHHHHH’ yelled Brandon as he was falling down a giant hole it took about 12 seconds until he touched the ground ‘Man that hurt’ said Brandon he had a scratch that was 4 inches long and it was bleeding. ‘Welcome to my lair’ said a voice. ‘Who’s there?’ Demanded Brandon. ‘It’s the person who you wanted to see’ said the voice again. ‘See-Slab” said Brandon in his mind. ‘Yes I think you know now, I heard you in your mind, and correct me if I’m right your name is… Brandon isn’t it’. Said See-Slab in a show-off voice. ‘Well maybe you know my name, but I need to ask you something’ Said Brandon in a begging voice with puppy-eyes. ‘Than what is it?’ asked See-Slab in a questioning voice. “ A gift of morphing!’ said Brandon in a begging voice. ‘Why do you need these powers? What would you do with these powers would it be for good or Bad’ Said See-Slab in a willing voice. ‘Well I’m trying to get the sun from Kee-Kang so I need to morph because I’m tired of living in darkness for all of my life, so please’ Said Brandon in a in a begging voice. “Well… sure why not! I’ll love to!’ said See-Slab. ‘Thanks, A lot See-Slab!’ said Brandon. ‘Well he must know one day, his true power’s’ said See-Slab in his mind. Than See-Slab said ‘No more time to be borhing, you now have the power of morphing!’ than the room began to shake, rocks were falling from the roof , than in a few seconds it stopped! “Well I hope it works!” said the new thing. As it stands up it was…


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