The “Sign” of Death

By Jesse L & L

“No, no and no! Grandpa, I will not! Why can’t you do it?!!” said Erin angrily. “Sonny, you must learn to respect your elders. Go now boy, go now”, not wanting to argue any further, he went to face his fate of hunting a caribou.


“Grumble grumble grumble. Mffft grunt. Can’t go to the store. Got to kill the poor animals. Gee.” mumbled Erin. Suddenly, he heard a loud “Ra ca taw!” It was a raven! It was circling not too far away! Oh, yes! It was not just one raven, it was a flock! He ran over to check it out, hacking through the trees, shrubs and under- growth with his spear. Whack! Snap! Pop! Finally clearing his way, he could not believe what he saw.


It was . . . A HUGE CARIBOU! Erin could not believe his eyes. It was already dead, too! He made a sled out of the wood he had chopped and dragged it back to his camp. His grandfather was very impressed. “Boy, this is the finest work anyone has ever done. Congratulations! Hey, by the way, those pesky ravens didn’t bother you, did they? Hmmm, I’ll bet you had help, didn’t you”, suspected the grandfather.

“Like you would not believe”, said Erin.

The End

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