The Tower in the Sky

Written by Jordan

One morning the sun rose up later then yesterday and the day before that “the days are getting shorter” Jane told here sun Fred winter is here.” Can I go to Beaver’s house?” asked Fred “Sure you can,” Jane replied. Fred started to fly towards the river. There was snow everywhere but the river had not frozen yet. He flew down by the Beaver dam. He saw Beaver talking to Grandma Beaver she was telling one of her stores the Tower in the sky “once upon a time.

The Earth was a big ice land until the phoenix was tired of sleeping in the cold so he decided to fly up the tower in the sky when he got to the top there was vicious wolf stood in his way infuriated he knocked it a way and flew over to the moon and cut it in half and warmed it up suddenly all the ice started to melt the end” “I half to go” Fred said and rushed off to fined the tower. Finally by the Yamnuska he flew over to a tall structure that reached into the clouds crick crack he jerked his head around but saw nothing sniff, sniff he smelled chary flavoured bubble.

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