“Ra-ca-cha!” Cried a newborn raven. The raven had just woken up. There was a heavy snowfall last night. The mother of the baby was now sitting beside her, but the father had left for food and never came back. All of the other babies had died because the winter’s food was scarce. Thankfully Daisy had lived! The poor mother, all her babies had died, at least she had Daisy. Daisy was almost ready to be on her own. The mother focused all her attention on Daisy so she could soon fly away. Soon enough, the small, helpless baby had grown to a 5 year old bird that was ready to leave home and her mother. She asked her mother and she unwillingly said yes. Daisy had now left and she was free! She felt a cold familiar breeze run up her back and realized she was in for it! She whipped around and saw a blinding white blizzard behind her! Instantly she dove down to the ground to find shelter. Nothing, no shelter! What was she going to do? She flew around looking and wishing to find shelter. Then she saw a small hole in a tree from an owl. The owl was gone, so she flew in. Now the storm was over and she was safe.

The End

By Rebecca and Kennedy

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