Raven and the Three Jewels

By Scott, Dusty Peers and Kevin

Raven sat on the deli roof waiting for the women to enter the jewellery store. The women opened the door and raven swooped in, and with a flurry of black feathers he came out with three shining and shimmering jewels in his mouth j pink ,blue, and green. Raven flew back home with the jewels in his mouth and gave them to his son Raven JR Raven JR made a necklace with the jewels. The necklace began to glow like a miniature sun it spewed magic in every direction it was as if it were a volcanic eruption .Out of nowhere a huge owl swooped down and grabbed Raven JR the necklace fell off his neck and broke in three. Suddenly, it was transported to three different corners of the world .Raven flew to the first jewel which lead him to the second jewel which lead him to the third .He used the power of the jewels to help recover.

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