Zach’s and Molly’s Adventure

By Shannon G. and Shannon F.

“Any complaints for the day?” asked the M.R. “Yes” said Molly. “What about?” asked the M.R. “Food is getting scarce, we should have a full out search for food.” said Molly. “Yes we are running out of food.” said Zach. “What should we look for?” asked the M.R. “Anything that is edible” said Molly. “Including plants and berries.” “Craw-ha!” “Craw-ha!” “Craw-ha-ha!” all the other birds laughed. “Just you wait until there is no more meat left then we will see who’s laughing!!!!” screamed Molly

Right then and there Zach and Molly flew of into the morning sun.

One week later, Molly was absent at the flap, but Zach was there. “Where is Molly, Zach?” asked the M.R. “She thought that you would still be laughing at her” said Zach “We need her help to find food” said George CC “Well you shouldn’t have laughed at her, but I will help you in getting her help” “thank you!!!!!” Said everybody happily even the M.R. said thank you.

The next day Zach tried to convince Molly to come to the flap. “But ….”Said Molly “But nothing Molly they even admitted they needed your help!” Zach declared “Okay” Said Molly “As long as you promise that they won’t laugh at me” said Molly shyly “Of cores I promise Molly” “Ok I’ll come back to the flap.”

The next day Molly was at the flap “I’m back to help you find food but you need to do every thing I say” then Molly told them what plants and berries to look for, then she told them where to look. The next day there plan took place, when they were done they had enough food to survive the winter. When winter was over all the birds had survived. At the Flap the next morning all the birds even the M.R. phrased Molly!!!

The End

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