The End of the Ravens

By Tyler

One day, Bob the raven ran into a flock of ravens. The main raven Yelled “Who are you?” ‘I’m I’m Bob Bob cc.” he said shivering! “Where are you from?” said that giant bird. “I don’t know?”He said. “Well you can stay with us for now.” He grunted. “High I’m Bill.” “High, I’m Jesse.” “High I’m Ane.” “Have you heard that an earthquake will happen and it will destroy all birds.” “Riley, can we stop it?” “ya but one bird most risk there life.” “Where do they do it?” “Right here.” “Well I volunteer.” “Okay land here and I will give you instruction.” “You have to go down in that hole and pick up a pebble and bring it back up.” “Okay.” So he flew down the the hole and picked it up then flew back up. “Bravo bravo!”

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